Lake Orion Customer Detective Work

October 23, 2013

One might say the most challenging part of being an automotive service technician at Tire Warehouse Depot in Lake Orion Michigan is diagnosing a problem before it can be fixed. Cars are made up of a bunch of complex systems. There usually could be a number of reasons for any given s... More

Water Pump

October 18, 2013

Your cooling system is very important. It circulates coolant through the radiator and your engine to protect your car from overheating. There are five main components to the cooling system: the radiator the radiator cap the hoses the thermostat and the water pump The wa... More

What To Do After You Buy a Used Vehicle in Lake Orion

October 11, 2013

So youve bought a used car in the Lake Orion area. Do you know what youre getting? It is hard to know what youre getting because people in the Lake Orion area sell cars for different reasons. Think about why youve sold cars. Did you just want something new or were there problems that... More