Don't Be Shocked (Shock Absorbers)

December 27, 2020

If you've ever ridden down a rough road on your bicycle, you know how hard a ride it can be. Yet drive down the same road in your car, truck or SUV and it miraculously will smooth out the ride. That's because it is equipped with shock absorbers. They are built to dampen impacts from road irreg... More

Some New Boots (Suspension Maintenance)

December 20, 2020

There are some boots that don't come in a shoe box and aren't worn on your feet. They are called axle or CV boots, and they can be important parts for many vehicles. That CV stands for constant velocity. CV axles are mainly used in front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles. They're also us... More

Considering an Alternative Fuel Vehicle in Lake Orion?

December 13, 2020

There is a clear and vocal demand in Lake Orion and nationally for a reduction in air pollution and our dependence on fossil fuels. This is what is driving the Michigan market for alternative fuel vehicles. There are a number of these vehicles on Lake Orion area roads today, and many more being ... More

Automotive Tips from Tire Warehouse Depot: Tire Replacement Overview

December 6, 2020

Tires are an expensive purchase, so knowing when tires should be replaced is important for Lake Orion drivers. Tires will just wear out with normal use. The depth of the tread on your tire determines how well it will stop, start and steer especially in wet conditions. 4/32th of an inch (3.2 mm) ... More