Tire Rotation and Balancing at Tire Warehouse Depot in Lake Orion

August 14, 2022

Tires do a lot of work for Lake Orion drivers. They transfer engine power and braking forces to the road; they handle steering control; and they cushion all those bumps and jolts while driving around Lake Orion. They also support the entire weight of the vehicle, including you and your passenger... More

The Tire Warehouse Depot Guide to Custom Wheels

July 31, 2022

If you're interested in customizing the wheels and tires on your vehicle, there are a few things you should know first.Most importantly, the wheels you buy need to fit your vehicle. Not all wheels are created equal. Too many Lake Orion drivers have bought a set of wheels that caught their eye, t... More

Below 45 Degrees in Lake Orion: Consider Winter Tires

July 25, 2022

Remember snow tires? They were basically just regular tires with big, knobby lugs to get them through deep snow. They were loud and rode hard, and Lake Orion drivers couldn't wait to get them off the car. Then along came television advertisements for all-season radials. Michigan drivers ran out ... More

Upsizing Wheels and Tires With Tire Warehouse Depot

July 22, 2022

Many Lake Orion drivers want to accessorize their vehicle - you know, make it theirs. One of the easiest ways to get a custom look is to get some new wheels. There are thousands of wheel designs at Lake Orion area tire shops to get you the look you want. And for many Lake Orion drivers, that loo... More

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Wheel Bearings

July 6, 2022

Why are wheel bearings for Lake Orion vehicles important? It's simple: your wheel bearings keep the wheels on your vehicle. In today's Tire Warehouse Depot post, we'll discuss more about wheel bearings and how you can make sure they can do their very job while you drive around Lake Orion, Michiga... More

Shake It up in Lake Orion!: Why Wheel Balancing

November 21, 2021

Our vehicles are not massage chairs. While we may enjoy a good vibration in an overstuffed recliner, we generally want as smooth a ride as possible in our vehicles. One way to achieve this is to keep a vehicle's wheels in balance. When a tire is mounted onto a wheel, it is usually out of balance... More

All About Your TPMS in Lake Orion

August 22, 2021

Lake Orion drivers know that underinflated tires wear out more quickly. Underinflation is also a major cause of tire failure for Michigan auto owners. More flats, blow outs, skids and longer stopping distances are all results of underinflated tires.It's hard for many Lake Orion drivers to tell wh... More

Lake Orion, Michigan Winter Prep Service for Your Auto

July 4, 2021

When winter approaches in Michigan, Lake Orion residents break out the sweaters, coats, boots and mittens. We want to be ready for Michigan winter conditions. Your vehicle needs to be ready for winter as well. The last thing Lake Orion residents want is to get stranded out in the cold. You need y... More

By the Numbers: Tire Replacement at Tire Warehouse Depot in Lake Orion

January 24, 2021

Ever notice that your tire is covered with writing? It's like some hieroglyphic art form. Of course, Lake Orion drivers know that it's not just graffiti, but to most of us, it might as well be. Would you like to know what all those codes on your tire mean? It won't lead you to buried treasure, bu... More

Automotive Tips from Tire Warehouse Depot: Tire Replacement Overview

December 6, 2020

Tires are an expensive purchase, so knowing when tires should be replaced is important for Lake Orion drivers. Tires will just wear out with normal use. The depth of the tread on your tire determines how well it will stop, start and steer especially in wet conditions. 4/32th of an inch (3.2 mm) ... More